Frequently Asked Questions

Before you buy, you might have some questions. Below you’ll find our FAQ’s

How do I attach my Beck pannier?

Bike bag with straps

A pannier with straps can be easily fixed by attaching the straps to the luggage carrier. The bag also has an attachment option at the bottom of the model so the bag will not slide.


Bike bag with hooks .

A pannier bag with hooks can simply be clicked directly onto the bike and easily removed again. The bottom of the bag can be securely attached to the bicycle frame. This prevents the bag from moving around too much.


Can I remove my pannier easily?

Beck panniers are designed to be easy to install and remove. Some bags are designed to be called suit off. The click attachment makes it even easier to remove them from your bike.

Is my bag suitable for all weather conditions?

A Beck pannier is suitable for all weather conditions. However, there are differences in the materials used. Some bags are made of water-repellent polyester and others are made of Bisonyl. Most polyester bags come with a rain cover. These are intended for really heavy rain showers.


Is the inside of the pannier protected from the rain?

When the bag is tightly closed, it doesn’t rain inside. In practice, you have to be careful that your pannier is closed properly, otherwise some water may get into the bag. In itself, this is not a problem. The bag is easy to make dry.

How much can I carry in my Beck pannier?

A Beck Single can safely carry 5kg.

A double Beck pannier can safely carry 10kg. That means 5kg per side.

Do I have a warranty on my Beck bag?

Yes you do. Every Beck bag comes with a one year guarantee. The guarantee applies to factory damage, not user damage. If you have a question or complaint about the warranty on your Beck bag, please send an email. You can do this to

How long will it take for my order to arrive? We ship the bags from the Netherlands. That means we can ship orders that arrive before 5 pm the same day.

Do I have to be home to receive the order? A Beck Pannier unfortunately does not fit through the letterbox. Therefore you must indeed be at home when the order is delivered. Fortunately you will receive a track and trace code with your order.

Can I see Beck bags in a store?

Yes you can. Use our dealer locator to find a store near you.


Can I sell BECK in my store?

You can apply for a dealership via the contact form.